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9月国际供应链大会专题 |65+之论坛主题抢先看!

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APICS 2018国际供应链大会即将召开,没能到现场的小伙伴不用着急,dota2外围app(PSA)会在现场给大家带来热辣的第一手前沿供应链资讯。

教育供应链会议的特点是65+个话题, 这是 APICS 2018 心跳体验,希望没能在现场的你可以通过APICS 2018国际供应链大会,提升你的知识、你的事业和你的组织。


· 2018年无人机如何影响您的企业

· 下一代SOP:从可预测的分析,大数据,风险管理嵌入式带来利润

· 重新定义逆向物流:不只是从商业成本的角度

· 客户需求如何重塑最后一英里交付

· VUCA:不要对抗,而是简化!

· 改变游戏:增值的通用原则

· 解决谈判者的困境-谈判方法论

· 最大化你的可回收容器程序的ROI

· SOP 实施案例学习

· SEWBOT的商业化服装鞋类自动化机器

· 克服盲点:理解渠道库存

· 运营计划在新产品开发中的角色

· 如何利用业务流程重组(BPR)来持续改进

· 供应链战略关键要务:人才管理

更多大会精彩内容, 我们期待下期!


Supply Chain Education SESSIONS

Elevate your knowledge, your career andyour organization at APICS 2018. The conference features 65+ sessions that arethe heartbeat of the APICS 2018 experience.

Over three information-packed days, you’llhear from a dynamic lineup of business leaders, authors and innovators as theyshare their knowledge and expertise. Explore topics that are forward-thinkingfor supply chain, logistics and operations management professionals with our2018 learning paths inspired by the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR)Framework: Plan, Source, Make, Deliver, Return, Enable.

· How Aerial Robots (Drones) Will Impact Your Organization in 2018

· Next Gen S&OP: Profitability Through Embedded Predictive Analytics, Big Data and Risk Management — WOW!

· Redefining Returns: Not Just the Cost of Doing Business

· How Customer Demands are Re-Shaping Last-Mile Delivery

· VUCA: Don't Fight It, Lite It!

· Changing the Game: Universal Principles to Create More Value

· Solving the Negotiator's Dilemma: an Informed Approach to Negotiation

· Maximize ROI on Your Returnable Container Program

· S&OP Implementation Case Study

· SEWBOT? Made: Design for Automation of Apparel & Footwear

· Conquering Blindness:  Understanding Channel Inventory

· The Role that Operations Planning Can (and Should) Play in New Product Development

· Using Business Process Reengineering (BPR) to Drive Continuous Improvement

· Talent Management: Your Supply Chain’s Most Important Strategic Initiative


协会已成为APICS 正式的广东培训合作机构