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供应链学术 | 供应链复杂性的理论与测量模型

来源:dota2外围188 发布时间:2017-10-25       点击数:1021


作者:Patrick Freinberger,奥地利应用科学大学-Logistikum

    lla Manuj,北德克萨斯大学

    Markus Gerschberger,奥地利应用科学大学-Logistikum

今天的供应链可以被认为是动态的(如:更短的产品生命周期、更多产品种类)、多功能的(如:在供应链管理中集合了不同的功能)和全球化的(如:广泛分布在世界各地的客户群、供应商、生产和分销系统),这导致了供应链的复杂性(即SCC)呈现较高水平(Manuj and Sahin, 2011年)。有证据表明,在没有恰当的管理时,供应链的复杂性很有可能会对一家公司的业绩产生负面影响(Deloitte, 2003年)。Handfield等人在2013年认为供应链复杂性水平在几年之内会增加,而这一主题将成为(Bode and Wagner2015;Handfield等人,2013)研究和实践的重要内容。




Theoretical and Measurement Models of Supply ChainComplexity

Writer: Patrick Freinberger, University of AppliedSciences Upper Austria – Logistikum

lla Manuj, University of North Texas

Markus Gerschberger, University ofApplied Sciences Upper Austria – Logistikum


Today’s supply chains can becharacterized as dynamic (e.g., shorter product life cycles, higher productvariety), multi-functional (e.g., integration of different functions withinsupply chain management), and global (e.g., geographically dispersed customers,suppliers, and production and distribution facilities) leading to high levelsof supply chain complexity (SCC) (Manuj and Sahin, 2011). There is evidencethat SCC has the potential to negatively influence a company’s performance whennot managed adequately (Deloitte, 2003). SCC levels are expected to increaseover the next few years (Handfield et al., 2013) making the topic important forand relevant to both research and practice (Bode and Wagner, 2015; Handfield etal., 2013).

The purpose of this research is toholistically investigate SCC by developing and testing a theoretical model ofSCC. In the process, a comprehensive scale to measure SCC (and related outcomesand moderators) is also developed and/or applied empirically.